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Kennel "Iz Goluboi Legendy" Hot news

Hot News:


  New born puppies !
______see on puppy page______


JEW, 2xBest Junior, Junior Hungarian Champion -
- Rhitoric Fensi Vul Iz Goluboi Legendy !!!!!!!
Judge - PAOLO DONDINA (Italy)

Terrier Show, on the days of Euro Dog 2008

BOB, BIG-2 -Lambiel Iz Goluboi Legendy !!!!!!!
Judges -



JWW - Cerrone du Clos de Clairdouet (Lambiel's son) & JWW, Best Junior - Rhitorick Fensi Vul Iz Goluboi Legendy !!!!!!!
Judge - Geoff Corish (UK)

National Kerry Spacialty 2008 & National Terrier Union Show 2008 in RISSIA:
NKP KBT results & more pictures      Terrier Union results & pictires

BIS-1 Progeny & BIS-3 Kennel in the National Terrier Union Show (judges - Marja Salminen & Gerard Cox)

BIS-2 veteran - Aua Skif Bellavicenza

BOS, Ch Terrier Union - Lambiel Iz Goluboi Legendy

CW - Shyloch First Edition (close title Champion of Terrier Union of Russia), Best Junior Female, Junior Ch of Terrier Union - Ellaiz Primavera Iz Goluboi Legendy


2ex - Nicole Iz Goluboi Legendy & CW, Sert - Next Iz Goluboi Legendy


BOS, Ch National Kerry Club 2008 - Lambiel Iz Goluboi Legendy

 Best Junior Female, Junior Ch of Terrier Union - Ellaiz Primavera Iz Goluboi Legendy,

2wCW, 2xSert - Lirika Iz Goluboi Legendy

Our Winners in other countries

Shaggy Sham's Airis Iz Goluboi Legendy - multi BOB & group places in USA!

Kerry Specialty "Club Winner 2008" (with 32 kerries in the ring)- big wins for our kennel - Best Puppy, Junior, veteran, BOB & BOS !!!! More

Link to Shyloch Iz Goluboi Legendy -  BIG-2 SKK Int Göteborg SV-08 & BIG-4 SKK Int Göteborg 2008, more info
Ontario Iz Goluboi Legendy - impressing win - BOS Euro Sieger 2008 !!! Also Jun Ch VDH & KFT  Results & Pictures
Incanto Iz Goluboi Legendy -  CACIB (3rd), Ch Lit, Terrier Club Winner 2008!
Sorrento Iz Goluboi Legendy - JCh Belarusia!
Paradis Iz Goluboi Legendy - JCh Belarusia!
Iveria Iz Goluboi Legendy -  2xCACIB, Ch Moldova, Interchampion !!!
Lambiel Iz Goluboi Legendy - 2xBOB, CACIB, Res BIS Terrier Show, Estonian Ch, Interchampion !!!

Serebrianyi Veter Garmonika - BIS puppy CACIB Show Israel Pictures & Video.

Our Wins in Russia:

Romario Iz Goluboi Legendy- BIJ-1, 3x Best Junior !!!

Taisia Iz Goluboi Legendy
- Best Baby female Specialty Show in Saratov !!!

Rhitorick Fensi Vul Iz Goluboi Legendy - JCAC, Best Junior, BIJ-3 !!!

Serebrianiy Veter Gotika Iz Goluboi Legendy - BIP-1 Всерос САС в-ки, BIP-2, BIP-3 & BIP-4 Рег САС в-к !!!

Taina Iz Goluboi Legendy - 2xBest Baby, BIB-3 & BIB-4 !!!
Next Iz Goluboi Legendy - BOS Terrier Show и CACIB-BOB on SPb !!!

Lambiel Iz Goluboi Legendy - BISS Club Winner Specialty Show in Moscow !!!
Iveria Iz Goluboi Legendy - BISS Specialty Show in Samara  !!!
Carolla Iz Goluboi Legendy - BOB, BIG-I, BIS-III
Ellaiz Vanilla Cream - 2xBOB & Rus Ch!
Priora Iz Goluboi Legendy -
2xJCAC, 2xBest Junior, JCh Rus!!!

EURASIA 2008 - new  success - Double Wins for Domingo !!!! Our kennel - R.BIS kennel "Eurasia 2008" !!!
Aua Skif Bellavicenza - BIS-3 progeny !!!

January 8, 2008 - 9 puppies were born from Lambiel & Int Ch Princess Braudag - photos in 4 weeks

Link - TOP DOG All Breed in Norway (max points 70) !!!!!!

Rhetoric - Successful debut - Best Baby in Specialty, BIB-3 "Derzhava 2007" !!!

Shyloch First Edition - 2хCACIB, Ch Lit, 2xBOB, BIG-1 In Vilnius !!!

Lirika - 2хCACIB, Ch Mold, 2xBOB  !

Paradis & Sorrento- Successful debut - in Belarus - BIS plasing in Terrier Show !

Lambiel - Best Dog Nat Club Show & BOB Ch RKF Show in Moscow!

Carolla - received last CACIB for  Inter Champion tytle !!!! And also - Ch Lat, Est, Balt !!!

New import in our kennel - Int Ch Princess Braudag - and Ch Rus & Cand of Kerry Club Champion already  !

Kerzmin's Ariosa - Successful debut - Best Puppy in Specialty , R.BIS puppy "Supra Cup 2007"

Ontario Iz Goluboi Legendy - Bundesjugendsieger JCAC, JVDH Dortmund 2007 !!!

New BIS CACIB Show in Norway - Link To Shyloch Iz Goluboi Legendy !!!

Photos of pups from Domingo x Frensis, new pictures of pups from Lambiel x Danaja.

Sheggy Sham's Airis Iz Goluboi Legendy - Champion of Canada!

Next Iz Goluboi Legendy - Best Junior & BIJ-3 CACIB "Wight Nights" in S. Peterburg!

Iveria - Res. Best in Show CACIB Samara 2007

First photos of pups from Danaja x Lambiel

New pictures of Ch Lirika Iz Goluboi Legendy

New Champion of America! Sheggy Sham's Airis Iz Goluboi Legendy

See our new summer photos

We have several show-quality puppies for you! See more information

Lambiel's new photos

Lambiel Iz Goluboi Legendy
BIS of National Club Show Kerry Blues and Wheaten Teriers of Finland 2007,
- Winner of the Championship France Montlucon 2007,      
- BOS National Kerry Specialty in Russia 2007
res & pic  
- BIS winner INTERRA 2007 !!!!!!

Link to Shyloch Iz Goluboi Legendy
N1 Top Dog of all breed in Norway!
- 4th CACIB-BIS in this year!

Our BIS and other wins in the year 2007

Our kennel - TOP Kerry Kennel 2006!
Best Kennel of National Champ Kerry 2007!
BIS-2 Kennel of INTERRA 2007!

Top Progeny 2006 - Aua Skif Bellavicenza
       Top Progeny male 2006
- Domingo Iz Goluboi Legendy
       Top Veteran 2006
- Aua Skif Bellavicenza
Top Junior male 2006 - Lambiel Iz Goluboi Legendy
Top Kerry 2006 - Ail Keizy Hevitt Onufriy (Flit's son) - see his page and show results 2007

 The titles received by our kerries in the year 2006:

- 3 Interchampions
- 5 Junior Champions of Russia, 6 Champions of Russia,
- 1 Junior Champions of Kerry Club,
- 4 Champions Kerry Club,
- 1 Young Champion of the Terrier Union of Russia,
- 1 Young Champion Europe,
- 6 Champions RKF, 6 Grand Champions.

And also:
Link to Shyloch Iz Goluboi Legendy -
Terrier N1 of the Year 2006 in Norway!!! http://www.ntk.org
Kerry N1 of the Year in Norway and Sweden !!!
Lavender iz Goluboi Legendy - American Champion

Int Ch Image Iz Goluboi Legendy - BOB BIG-2, Ch of Estonia!

- November 18 our kerries wins from the Kerry show and Nat CAC Show in Moscow! Lambiel - Ch of National Kerry Club of Russia!

- Link to Shyloch Iz Goluboi Legendy -
Terrier #1 in Norway!



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